About PBS Beijing

关于PBS Beijing

    To be competitive globally, manufacturers must be able to produce high quality products quickly and at the lowest possible cost. And in industries that are required to adhere to regulatory standards such as those set forth by agencies such as the FDA or ISO, quality management reaches an entirely new level of intricacy. The electronic quality management software solutions offered by MasterControl allow companies to eliminate paper-based quality processes and drastically increase manufacturing efficiency while improving their ability to maintain compliance with regulatory standards.


    PharmaBioSolutions team of highly experienced European consultants have on average 20 years experience covering all aspects ofqualification and validation for EMEA, and US FDA. They have worked with most of major international companies in various plants aroundthe world.



    To provide a high quality but cost effective solution to its clients in China, PharmaBioSolutions project team includes both European andChinese engineers.  


      PBS Engineers have been working on all aspects of Pharmal and Biotechnology manufacturing production including:   


       API manufacturing (Lab, Pilot, full production) 


       Biotech manufacturing (Bioreactors, preparation, purification, etc) 


       Finishing processes (solid dose, parental, etc) 


       Cleaning and Sterilisation (CIP/SIP) 


       HVAC including Building Management systems (BMS) & Environmental Monitoring Systems (EMS) 


       Utilities: Water (Purified, WFI), clean steam, clean air, gases, etc